Thermal Windows and Doors

Millennium Thermal Windows and Doors are weather resistant, energy efficient to protect your home from heat loss and loss of cooling during the summer. American Designed – German Engineered custom made for your home or building projects. Our our glass windows and doors use Low-E coating which is applied in multiple layers of optically transparent silver sandwiched between layers of metal oxide in a vacuum chamber. This process provides the highest level of performance with a nearly invisible coating.

Millennium Windows and Doors


Thermal Windows and Doors a series


All aluminum custom made thermal insulated windows & doors

Thermal Windows and Doors m series


Wood & aluminum cladding durable custom made windows & doors

Thermal Windows and Doors w seies


Solid wood classic custom made thermal windows & doors

Breakthrough Design

  • High Energy Efficiency
  • Double Pane Low-E Glass
  • Triple Strength Tempered
  • Water Proof
  • UV Protection
  • Non-Glare
  • Butyl Rubber Seal
  • Wear-Resistant Hardware
  • Multi-Point Locking System
custom made windows and doors

Window Replacement vs Coating or Film

It is better to replace an entire window than to patch the bridge with a window coating or film. By replacing the entire window you also replace the framing and weather strip where much heat or cold come through from the outside on old windows. When installing new or replacing old windows it is best to use Low E Glass.

Importance of Thermal Windows and Doors

When purchasing new energy-efficient windows and glass doors for your home, look for these performance indicators: U-factor and the solar heat gain co-efficient / Low E Glass

  • The U-factor indicates a window’s overall insulating value, while the solar heat gain co-efficient measures how well a window deflects incoming solar heat. An efficient window should be rated at 0.30 or below in both measurements to get the most energy efficient window.
  • Low E Glass was developed to minimize the amount of UV and infrared light that comes through glass without limiting the amount of visible light that’s received. Low-E glass has a microscopic, transparent coating that reflects infrared energy, or heat.
Millennium Windowsâ„¢ is part of the Ferrell Building Products Group.

Ferrell Custom Building Products

Ferrell Building Products was founded on the idea of preserving classic handmade artistry in the making of all our products we offer. We offer the option to work together with you to design and create any custom piece, we deliver high-end quality and exceptional aesthetic results. Ferrell Building Products supplies distributors, contractors and home owners with the right products for the job.

Our skilled craftsmen work with close attention to detail providing one of a kind products that fit any individual style needs whether it be traditional, contemporary or modern.

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