Procurement Manager Services

Procurement Manager Services – Building Products International can make all of your transactions very easy , honest and transparent because obviously it takes a lot of time that you do not have to evaluate. Our company can save you 30- 70% on the same quality goods that you expect. If you would like us to handle your procurement needs it would require that this be an ongoing relationship on all products. Not just the first order and you would agree to go through us on ALL PURCHASES after we make our commitment to you. This will require our company to add extra personnel which we don’t mind doing but only if we have your commitment.


Building Products International can handle customs bond as well as organizing containers and keeping track of deliveries, Doing our due diligence to make sure that we’re not getting taken advantage of and negotiate all deals. When possible we can combine containers for efficiency and cost effectiveness.


Building Products International charges a flat fee for all services of 20%. Our 20% applies to ALL EXPENSES including shipping , handling fees / including tariffs- Our 20% management fee will be due when any payments are made to the shipping company or the manufacture or the customs broker .There will not be any accounts receivable-unfortunately that’s the only way we can operate.

Our Commitment

We cannot afford the time involvement to make a few hundred on a shipment and then be held verbally responsible if somethings wrong . We are not making much money the way it is even if we are involved in everything as proposed -we’re hoping that the volume will make up for it.

Our job is to “handle everything “ and insure that the company we are dealing with provides a quality product and we will actually visit the manufacturing operations to make sure that it’s up to snuff and real. We will not be held responsible for illegal activities on the other end and any scams – Nor will we be responsible for any taxes or tariffs or anything of that sort.

We do not mean to be direct-but this is the only way we operate and it’s a VERY valuable service for you if you allow us to do our job. You have got a million other things going on and negotiating every single deal is not part of the program.